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If you are worried about your health and your weight,
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Most people have a concern for their weight and their health. And these two aspects should go hand in hand; you can’t separate them. The difficulty comes in knowing how to manage them effectively and easily.

Dear Health Conscious Dieter

There is a well known saying that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, he eats for his entire life. In this example, this translates into; if you know what the cause of your poor health and/or excess weight is, you can rectify this and remain slim AND healthy. For the rest of your life.

Knowing and understanding something is very empowering. It means you have control over your life. It means you are not at the mercy of fashion and emotional hype.

The weight loss movement is full of a lot of misinformation. Because so many people are desperate to lose weight, for an important occasion, for health reasons or any other reason, they are easy prey to emotionally charged marketing.

You know this to be true, because you, along with many people, have probably tried a variety of diets to lose weight. They can be tough going. Some don’t satisfy your hunger, so you have a gnawing discomfort much of the time. Others are too complicated with charts and numbers to remember.

Often, you can lose some weight, but then return to your old ways and so the weight comes back on.

Some weight loss programmes boast of rapid weight loss. But this can end up making you look dreadful. And you may not feel too good either.

But what really concerns me is that many of the diets and weight loss programmes, are UNHEALTHY. Some of them are really good at helping you lose weight, but at the expense of your health.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

First of all, I want to come clean. I’m not a dietician. I’m not a qualified nutritionalist. And I’m very glad not to be, because these professions are at the mercy of changing fads and fashions. You may not be old enough to remember how food fashions wax and wane. Once butter was considered unhealthy, so margarine was created. Now it is known that margarine is far more unhealthy than butter.

The fact is, food is complex. No one really knows just how complex. So people market their products with ludicrous claims that no one really has the authority to question.

So why on earth should you listen to me, since I’m not even qualified? I’ll try to explain.

I’m a natural health professional. I qualified as a homeopath in the year 2000. And I have been in full time practice ever since. I treat both people and animals and I love doing what I do.

I have to say, I rather stumbled upon the idea of healthy eating for both weight loss and for better health. I had already explored the area of healthy diets for cats and dogs and discovered that if they were fed real, quality, well balanced food, their health would improve dramatically. And their figure would return. They were much happier, too.

Now, it’s a lot easier to get people to change the diet of their pets than it is to get them to change their own diet! But time after time, I would see a unhealthy person on a terrible diet and I just knew that if only they would change their diet, their health would return.

So I started to do some research into what a healthy diet for people really was, just so I had some authority to back up my claims.

  • I read about orthomolecular doctors, treating really ill people successfully just with dietary supplements. Not just physical ailments, but serious mental problems too.
  • I read about high performing athletes ditching the normal western diet for a healthy one and increasing their performance.
  • I discovered several clinics around the world who were treating terminally ill people just with diet. And these people were recovering!
  • I found a clinic who could not only reverse diabetes type 11, but could do so in a single MONTH. Just with food! And in the same time, they could dramatically improve the health of those with type 1 diabetes.
  • I learned about how some so called ‘primitive’ people lived to be well over 100 years old, some as old as 200 years and more, and they were healthy and active right up to the end. (Who is really primitive here?)

Not just that, but these long living people were SLIM. They were active, neither too thin nor overweight. They could walk many miles a day and still have energy at the end of the day.

When you do the research, it can’t help but have an impact on you. Now, I can see a pattern. Now I can see the simple and easily verifiable connection between a healthy diet and a health body. And, of course, the opposite is true of an unhealthy diet with poor health and often excess weight.

A good healthy and PERMANENTLY so diet, will ensure you remain at your optimum weight - neither too thin, nor over-weight, all your life.

Have you heard enough?

What’s Wrong With Most Diets and Weight Loss Programmes?

I’m not going to name names, but you may be able to recognise some of the popular diets in the following comments.

Do Low Fat Diets Work?
They can, but not how most people use them. They can be very unhealthy, which means your health suffers even if you do manage to lose a bit of weight. They can also be very restricting, which means that few people can maintain them.

Do Low Carbs, High Protein Diets Work?
These diets undoubtedly fill you up, which means you will eat less. What worries me is that they don't contribute to your long term health. They even restrict your consumption of healthy foods. Again, you can lose weight on these diets, but at the expense of your long term health.

Is Counting Calories a Workable Diet?
Counting calories is a total waste of time, in my opinion. Calories on their own mean absolutely nothing. Counting calories can lead you into a health death trap. It’s not calories that matter as much as the quality of the food.

Does One Size Fit All, or Does One Diet Suit Everyone?
The fact is, we are all different. The perfect diet for you, one which will ensure your long term health as well as your ideal weight, is probably not the same as that which best suits your friends. You need a tailor made diet, that you can adapt to easily, enjoy, maintain and see permanent results.

What About Diet Plans With Pre-made Meals?
The problem with these diets is that the meal sizes can be unsatisfying. I am also unimpressed with much of the content of these diets. Much of it is unhealthy and unbalanced. Starving yourself is not in your long term health interest, either. Many diets can make you feel low in energy and depressed. Not only will you not be able to sustain these diets, but they doesn't bode well for your health in the long term.

Are Fast Weight Loss Diets a Good Idea?
Beware of diets that guarantee fast results. You want steady results. These are worlds apart. Steady results may not be as fast as you would like. But they are likely to be permanent. Fast results rarely work in the long term.

The fact is, humans are conservative by nature. Old habits die hard. Change is generally resented, even when there is a clear goal ahead. However, your current diet clearly isn't working, or you wouldn’t be reading this. So you do need to make some changes. When you make the right changes over the right time period, you can maintain them. And reap the benefits.

Does Positive Thinking Help?
Positive thinking is always a great idea for anyone and everyone to practice daily. It helps uplift spirits and contributes to a healthy environment. As most of our thinking is negative, it sabotages us, so positive thinking is a much healthier way forward. But on its own, it is doubtful that positive thinking can help you lose weight and become radiantly healthy. At least not in the foreseeable future. Use it as an adjunct to other measures that contribute to a healthy body and lifestyle.

Should Exercise Be Part of a Diet Plan?
I believe exercise should be part of everyone's daily routine. But it doesn't have to be hard exercise, or going to the gym three times a week or cardio work or jogging, unless you want it to be. It's generally not a lack of exercise that contributes to your weight, unless you are a 24/7 couch potato.

For example, women are the ones who (still) do most of the household’s not inconsiderable chores, most of which are very physical. Yet women tend to be more overweight than men.

Some Common Myths

I often wonder how future generations will view us, in this present age. There are so many myths about, so many common untruths that few people consider. Let’s look at some of them.

Myth 1
Milk is a good source of calcium. In truth, the calcium in milk is not easily digested and is an allergen to the majority of people, even if mildly.
Myth 2
People needs high levels of protein. In truth, the human body needs only 10% protein. Most people have 40 - 50% protein, especially men.
Myth 3
Humans evolved as hunter gatherers. In truth, hunting is dangerous. It is much easier to gather. You only have to look at the human anatomy to realise the foods we evolved on.
Myth 4
Since women tend to have more of a weight problem than men (although men are catching up fast), especially after having children, hormones are often cited as the culprit. In truth, you can’t have any balance in your body, including a hormonal balance, unless your body has all the nutrients it needs to supply all these needs. Stop blaming your hormones. Start blaming your diet!

Common Eating Habits

Even without the myths, let’s look at the common diet of most people.

  • Bread and other wheat products are high in everyone’s diet. Yet the majority of people have a gluten intolerance, even if a mild, undetected one. To see what I mean, try having no wheat products for a month and see how you feel. (NB, wheat is present in most processed and packaged food).
  • Most people eat a large percentage of their diet of highly processed foods. These are, without exception, nutritionally incomplete and out of natural balance.
  • Three set meals a day are considered to be healthy and normal. Snacking in between meals is generally frowned upon. This pattern is far from ideal and does little to satisfy many people.

Consider for a moment, your car. If you don’t have one, please bear with me as I am sure you can still see my logic.

When you go to fill up your car, you know which the right fuel is, don’t you? And you know that if you put in the wrong fuel, your car will not go so well, if it goes at all.

Exactly the same principle applies to you (as the car) and the food your eat (the fuel). Eat the wrong fuel and you don’t work properly - your health deteriorates, you stack on the weight.

It really is as easy as that.

Why Are So Many People Overweight?

There are a variety of reasons why so many people are overweight. Let’s look at a few.

  • They were brought up on unhealthy foods, as their parents did not know any better. And they haven’t changed the mould, they still eat the same foods they grew up on.
  • Unhealthy food is common in the west, with a high intake of fast food. It’s easy. It’s cheap.
  • Most people don't eat at the right intervals during the day, and don't understand the reasoning behind this.
  • When people do not get the nutrients their body needs, they are often hungry. Quick snacks are most commonly found in chocolate bars and fast food. Again, nutritionally poor.
  • People use food as an emotional support. This was often set up in childhood. Although there is a healthier way to deal with emotional difficulties, real food won’t do you any harm when eaten in large amounts.
  • Few popular diets cater for your individual needs. Few popular diets are focused on your long term health, as well as your short term weight loss. Few popular diets are really interested in you making permanent changes to your diet, so you can remain slim and sexy, as well as improve your health, often beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Doctors receive virtually no training in nutrition. So most of them don’t recognise the symptoms of a poor diet. Instead, they are trained to prescribe drug X for condition Y. The downside of this is that drugs upset your absorption of food still further, leaving you prone to more weight gain and more health problems. You get caught up in a never ending, vicious cycle.
  • Because practically everyone eats badly, there is no incentive to eat well. The poor food is all around you, there is an epidemic of food which is deleterious to your health and your weight. But things are changing. And you may want to be in on the first wave as humanity slowly wakes up to the idea that healthy food makes for a healthy and slim body.

The Importance of Healthy Gut Flora

Your gut, at its most healthy, is teeming with flora - bacteria. Bacteria is essential to life. Life cannot exist without it. Your mouth is full of bacteria, as are your intestines. And it’s these bacteria that allow proper digestion of food and then the correct absorption of the nutrients. They are also responsible for the waste to be eliminated in a healthy way.

When people don’t have healthy gut flora, disease occurs. Inflammation becomes common, including chronic inflammation, arthritis and a host of other inflammatory problems (any condition ending in -itis means it is inflammatory).

When these signs are ignored, then degenerative conditions occur, such as cancer. This means that your gut flora is responsible for how long your live. So you need to look after it!

There are some very common things most people do which upset this delicate balance of bacteria. The first is taking antibiotics. This is why many people take the bacteria laden probiotics after they have taken antibiotics. Although these are helpful, they don’t restore your gut to its former pristine condition. (By the way, there are effective alternatives to antibiotics that don’t upset your gut flora.)

The other common part of most people’s diet that upsets their gut flora is the food they eat. It tends to be devoid of essential nutrients such as enzymes, bacteria, antioxidants and so forth. Processed food is unbalanced, leaving your body confused as to how to complete the digestive process. It is forced to resorting to robbing the necessary nutrients from other parts of your body, leading to other health problems.

There is a Better Way!

Let me introduce "Healthy Eating For Weight Loss™".

image of ebook

If I could show you a way of eating that was tailor made for you personally, that is, above all, healthy and that doesn't ask you to do anything complicated, one that doesn't ask you to starve yourself, would you be interested?

One man tried 30 diets before he found this one, the one that finally worked. THIRTY!

Are you one of those people, who feels they have tried everything and are still not getting the results they want?

It's important to understand what foods contribute to weight gain and what foods contribute to energy. Obviously, you want the energy giving foods. But what are they?

The Benefits of Knowing About Healthy Food

When you understand what the right foods are for maximum health AND weight loss, and how often you should eat, then you will find that:

  • your energy levels increase exponentially
  • because your energy is increased, now your body has more time for the 'luxuries' in life, such as improved sexual energy
  • because you are eating the right foods, now your cravings diminish
  • because you are now nourishing your body, many health problems diminish or disappear totally, even those that have been diagnosed as being with you for life, such as cardiac problems
  • the right foods slow down the aging process, ensuring you retain your looks longer

The knock-on effects of slimming down AND improving your health is greater self confidence. You know you look great so you ‘walk tall’.. Increased confidence does wonders for your potential - better job, more able to get your point across rather than keeping the peace, friends with those you previously thought were outside your league are just a few examples.

Many people, especially women, are not only looking for a great way to lose weight and keep it off, they also want to look youthful. You can find this double solution in the foods you should be eating. Forget about expensive potions and surgery. Just eat properly!

Another great benefit of eating right is an improved digestive system. IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, pain, gas, bloating, reflux - you can kiss them all good-bye. The right foods keep your digestive tract working as they were meant to.

Eating the right foods has a hidden benefit which few people know about. They help to expel toxins from your body. Such as the heavy metals, the chemical toxins all about us.

You don’t need to have regular liver cleanses any more, because the right foods are non toxic and keep you that way.

Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda had been consulting me for several months for various issues. Apart from her medical concerns, she was also concerned about her weight. She found it very difficult to lose weight as she was busy in a demanding job with little spare time. She was easily tempted by fast food. To be honest, her diet was atrocious.

We were gaining good headway with her ailments, but she was impatient about her weight loss. I had been telling her about the benefits of a healthy diet outlined in
"Healthy Eating For Weight Loss™" for a couple of months. One day, she was motivated to purchase it.

Next time she consulted me, I can only describe her as ecstatic! She positively gushed! Her energy had significantly increased. She was sleeping better. She was ‘walking taller’. Her confidence had risen considerably, resolving many work related issues. Her sex life had improved. Her partner was definitely sitting up and noticing the difference in her!

In natural health, we talk about maintaining causes of ill health. Nutritionally unbalanced food is one such maintaining cause. You just can’t get better until you remove that maintaining cause. An analogy could be with a leaky bucket - you’re never going to stop the leak until you repair the hole.

And for Rhonda, her treatment became much more effective, because now there was nothing blocking it.


The benefits you will learn from "Healthy Eating For Weight Loss™" include:

  • discovering the healthy foods which you should eat in abundance - this means you never have to starve yourself
  • knowing which foods should be eaten, but in moderation
  • accepting which foods are best avoided altogether, although a very occasional slip won’t do you much harm
  • understanding your heritage, which plays a part in your preferences
  • accepting that this needs to be a permanent change - your current ways have brought you to this point, so now it’s time to change course
  • this ebook teaches you ‘how to fish’ rather than just ‘giving you a fish’ for today - it teaches you what foods are healthy and what foods to avoid, rather than a list of recipes which may be hard to follow or don’t fit in with your preferences

The value of knowing all this is priceless. What price can you put on improved health? What price can you put on increased confidence, which opens doors in your life you previously had no idea were there, let along how to open them.

Sadly, many people are not ready to receive this priceless information. For your sake, I do hope you are not one of them. I do hope you are ready to take control of your life and make the healthy eating choices that your body is so desperate for you to do.

Putting priceless aside for the moment, the price of 
"Healthy Eating For Weight Loss™" is so easily affordable, everyone can purchase it. I wanted to remove every obstacle so now you can only blame yourself for your ongoing poor health and excess weight.

If you are genuinely serious about your health and your weight, I ask you not to procrastinate. Another week, another year, and your health will further deteriorate.

NOW is the first day of the rest of your life.

Act NOW and start improving your health, and your weight TODAY!


I also include a bonus on how to treat injuries effortlessly,
in the comfort of your own home.  Since injuries are one of the
 leading reasons why people either don't exercise enough or eat too much,
I consider this an important part of your new lifestyle.

Deal with them efficiently and get on with your life!

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